5 Persuasive Marketing Tactics That Convert Window Shoppers Into Buyers

Every day we are exposed to thousands of ads. Given the number of ads, it is only normal to block most of them out.

You may think that advertising doesn’t work, but businesses wouldn’t invest so much in them if they didn’t. Advertising does work, and works cost-effectively, for those small businesses that have learned to leverage a test and proven framework like our Demand Marketing System.

What separates the winning ads from the losers?

These 5 marketing tactics are just one small piece of the pie that makes a successful ad campaign.

Persuasive Marketing Tactic #1 – Reciprocity

This simply means that when someone does something nice to someone else, then the next person feels like they owe the first person.

This is a tactic that can be used in marketing to gain loyal and repeat customers.

By offering a giveaway, coupon, or discount, the buyer feels like they owe the business their loyalty.

As a result, they are more likely to buy products from the business in the future.
Here, both the buyer and the seller benefit.

But when it comes to the long term, it is the seller who benefits, as the buyers will come back time and again to purchase their products.

Persuasive Marketing Tactic #2 – Consistency

Buyers will return and purchase products from a business that they feel reflects their values.

This is why it is essential to understand what customers want and value and reflect this in the business brand image.

Once customers find your business and feel like it reflects what they believe in, they are more likely to become repeat customers.

Better yet, because it can be a challenge for customers to search for their ideal business, they are even more inclined to stick with your business.

Persuasive Marketing Tactic #3 – Social Proof

Customers are more likely to commit to buying products that have social proof. In other words, popular products.

This builds their trust in the product as they can see that others have had a positive experience with the product.

Humans are social animals and, therefore, will look to others to get validation before acting.
The action of others has a huge influence on how we behave.

A business can capitalize on this by prompting customers to provide feedback and reviews on the products and experience.

So, make sure to collect your testimonials!

Persuasive Marketing Tactic #4 – Authority

As humans, we are also inclined to follow authority figures such as influencers.

The authority offers guidance, and the rest can follow.

When a customer is buying a product for the first time, they may search to see what a particular influencer thinks about the product.

This is exactly why influencer marketing is a big deal and has continued to grow tremendously over the years.

Customers are more likely to trust their words and opinions.

This is especially valid if the influencer’s values are aligned with the customer’s values.

Another way to make use of this is to present the business as an expert in the field.

Remember – People trust and abide by the advice relevant to their situation, given by an authority figure!

Persuasive Marketing Tactic #5 – Likability

When a salesperson is likable, then people are more likely to purchase products from them.

Think about that time you were approached by a salesperson that didn’t come across as likable.

You probably didn’t want to interact with them, right?

Businesses can make use of this tactic by offering compliments to customers and making customers feel better about themselves.

This can make them prefer one business over the other.

Final thoughts on Persuasive Marketing

Humans are naturally social beings. We need to feel connected with the people around us, and we want to know that our actions have an impact on others.

Marketing tactics that center around human nature can be used as a competitive edge for your business by capitalizing on these primal needs of humans – but they also require empathy in order to do so, effectively.

Study your market, double down on the best parts of your product and take customer feedback into account!

Michael John Alos

Michael John Alos

Small Business Advocate & Marketing Coach. Founder of the Small Business Unleashed™ business growth framework. Sharing insights + tips on all things marketing, digital, content, sales, & tech.

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