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The origins of Small Business Unleashed™​

In 2001, a year after the dot com bubble burst, Michael Alos decided to start a sales enablement consulting business. Starting a business while the stock market was at a low and the economy was struggling, provided to be more challenging than anticipated for him. Even with his experience previously having run his family’s manufacturing business for years, along with a background in sales, Michael’s consulting business got off to a slow start.

If his sales team were able to get the right prospects on the phone or face-to-face, they were able to close new deals successfully. The challenge was filling the pipeline with enough new leads during a down economy.

That’s when Michael went to work on building a marketing engine that leveraged some practical core concepts, along with technology tools to automate the processes, to produce a predictable pipeline of leads.

Combining this new marketing engine with the sales enablement skill set he and his team developed, laid the foundation of Small Business Unleashed. Now, Michael and the team at truDemand, have made it their passion and purpose to help other business owners achieve success by unleashing the profits that are hidden in their business through Small Business Unleashed framework, coaching, and online training programs.

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Michael John Alos
Founder –
Creator – Small Business Unleashed

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